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We deliver a scalable Wireless Network solution that meets any measure of required connectivity, includes features that monetise your network and provide full support and customisation to suit your establishment.

A solution to meet the current connectivity demand

Modern-day guests require stable, fast and reliable connectivity for both work and play, the demand has become a non-negotiable in the hospitality industry.

ISE provides a seamless and versatile solution, giving Hotel Operators full control of their WiFi network. A single cost-effective solution, packed with features and functions that will transform your WiFi offering into a powerful business tool.

Control and monetise your network

Determined QoS through 3 tier bandwidth allocation

General access for standard and complimentary offerings

Recorded staff usage and access control

Free vouchers for loyal and VIP customers

Pay for Premium WiFi option via Paypal

High-Quality WiFi service for conference attendees

Customer insight and profiling through Social Media login

Customise to suit your brand and business

Our captive portal provides a variety of advertising and campaign management features, direct to guest marketing where you can advertise, promote services and products and obtain valuable feedback through surveys. 

Includes a single dashboard management system, an easy to use interface that integrates to existing Property Management Systems. Adjust target zones, bandwidth allocation, manage network functions, create and deploy campaigns and generate detailed analytical reports.

Communicate and promote services

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